IRIE July 2021 - G-INA


JUL ‘710’ 2021 – #08.07

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ROOTS | Stonefrenge™

ZOOLOOK™ Stonefrenge™ What do you get when you mix art, music, history, and science? You [...]

ROCK | GanjaVacations

GanjaVacations A vacation portal for ganja experiences in Jamaica GanjaVacations is a vacation portal for [...]


G-INA It’s Alright Meet G-INA (Gabriella In-Albon), bassist, vocalist and music composer. Her lyrics are [...]

RESPECT | Taj Weekes

Taj Weekes Crisis Taj Weekes, the dreadlocked Rastafarian singer-songwriter from St. Lucia, is back with [...]

RESPECT | Silent Nancy + Zoe Mazah

Silent Nancy + Zoe Mazah Biddi Don If you ask who is the coolest artist [...]

RESPECT | Mungo’s Hi Fi

Mungo’s Hi Fi Antidote Dub, the breaking down and rebuilding of the reggae rhythm, is [...]

RESPECT | Arky Starch

Arky Starch Stigmata Born and raised in Belgium, Arky Starch is back with a new [...]

RESPECT | Jus Wright

Jus Wright Live Up Righteous Jus Wright is a Singer/Songwriter and Reggae Artist based out [...]

RESPECT | Zen Lewis

Zen Lewis Walk Through Fire featuring Apache Indian Meet Zen Lewis… a skilled master in [...]

RELEASES | Xana Romeo

Xana Romeo The Roots of X After building overwhelming anticipation and delivering a couple of [...]

REMIX | Dub Pistols Remix Selection

Dub Pistols Remix Selection Stand Together ft. Rhoda Dakar Yes, I! The Dub Pistols Remix [...]