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Dub, the breaking down and rebuilding of the reggae rhythm, is a uniquely restorative music. And it is with this in mind that Mungo’s Hi Fi have created their latest long-playing release.

Antidote is a ten-track album of dub remixes to existing and yet to be released Mungo’s produced anthems: inspired by dub pioneers such as King Tubby, Scientist, and Errol Thompson, crafted with a futuristic edge. Antidote is an album designed for inner reflection, non-physical travel, and communion with nature. In short, it’s an Antidote to all the stress and restriction of modern life.

Throughout Antidote, you’ll hear snatches of vocals from Mungo’s favored collaborators. The otherworldly voice of France’s Pupajim graces the time-bending Time Traveller. UK lyricist Solo Banton powers the chest-rattling Pulsating Dub. The ethereal Hollie Cook’s Sugar Water gets a haunting mixdown for Intravenous Dub, while Jamaican dancehall legends Jah Thomas and Lady Ann’s Doctor Doctor is reimagined as NHS 24 Dub. The unmistakable vocal tone of London’s Kiko Bun finds its way
through a forest of crashing snare drums during Escape from the City.

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Mungo’s Hi Fi
Pulsating Dub

Release Date: July 17, 2021

Rain Keeps Falling, Mungo’s 2017 Record Store Day release with Jamaican roots icon Johnny Clarke reappears, ominously on the horizon as Murky Dub. The immortal King Jammy relick Total Disaster by Shanti D is given robotic treatment to become Epic Fail.

The ancient voice of Rasta chanter Prince Alla anchor Miracle Cure, a new flipside to his 1979 Freedom Sounds composition Only Love Can Conquer. Two generations of UK emcees, Charlie P and Daddy Freddy, give sparing performances amidst the sparse yet deeply textured Border Patrol.

Perhaps the purest distillation of the project’s message is the vocal-free final track, Birds Of Pleasure, a blissful meditation on the recent rise in birdsong across the world.

Antidote is a dub album that will appeal to lovers of the classic Jamaican art form and contemporary bass music in equal measure. It’s a sonic journey that will leave all who enter cleansed and replenished on the other side.

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