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Jus Wright

Live Up Righteous

Jus Wright is a Singer/Songwriter and Reggae Artist based out of Santa Rosa, Ca.

He spent his childhood in the Pacific North West where he first found a love for music at an early age listening to Motown and 90’s RnB and Hip-Hop. He never quite embraced his passion until after leaving college to move to Hawaii, where he would learn to work on the land as a farmer. This experience allowed him to drown out the white noise of societal expectation and tune into his voice and the songs coming through it to him. He found music to be his passion and continue creating, recording and performing.

Jus Wright’s uplifting and empowering stage presence has taken him all over the world, playing shows and festivals like Volume Fest, Flow Fest Hawaii, Bali Spirit Fest, Shangri-La, and California World Fest.

IRIE™ | Jus Wright - Live Up Righteous

Live Up Righteous

Release Date: June 18, 2021

Among the many messages, conveyed through his lyrics are the calls for justice, unity, and peace of mind in a world that is oftentimes full of the opposite.

Whether he’s solo acoustic, with his MPC1, or fully accompanied, his live performances are sure to leave you grooving and elated with a smile on your face.

Jus Wright has shared the stage with artists like Dustin Thomas, Chris Berry, Trevor Hall, Cas Haley, Satsang, and Wookiefoot.

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