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A vacation portal for ganja experiences in Jamaica

GanjaVacations is a vacation portal for curated ganja experiences in Jamaica. With information about ganja-friendly accommodations, herb houses (dispensaries), activities, tours and events, and exclusive ganja vacation packages, the site provide cannabis travelers with the ability to research, plan, and book a ganja vacation in Jamaica. No similar site exists anywhere, despite Jamaica’s long, historic and world-renown association with weed.

Exclusive Ganja Vacation Packages

When visitors book rooms on GanjaVacations; they book a vacation package that comes with some combination of room nights, airport transfers, meals, activities, tours, and some form of ganja experience. Most include a herb house visit after airport pickup so that the new arrivals can have smokes for their ride to the resort, which can be up to ninety minutes. Some of the packages also include ounces of ganja or pre-rolls on arrival. These vacation packages are exclusive to GanjaVacations and not available anywhere else. Not even from the participating resorts themselves.

Partnering exclusively with small properties

GanjaVacations is partnering exclusively with small boutique resorts, villas, guesthouses, and B&Bs at prices ranging from budget to luxury. Jamaica has hundreds of these properties at picturesque locations, many of which offer chic accommodations, outstanding personal service, and great culinary adventures. Some are already evangelical about ganja and the prospect for ganja tourism in Jamaica. These boutique properties also offer an authentic Jamaican cultural experience that is not available at the large, branded resorts.

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GanjaVacations - Enter to Win

Win a FREE ganja vacation in Jamaica

GanjaVacations is currently running a promotion that offers weed enthusiasts a chance to “Win a FREE Ganja Vacation in Jamaica”. This giveaway is presented in collaboration with Ivy’s Cove, a luxurious, beachfront, Google 5-star rated resort believed by some to be one of the best on the island. The Grand Prize package includes six days and five nights in a deluxe 2-bedroom penthouse beachfront unit, airport transfers, pre-rolls on arrival, and more.


No better place than Jamaica for a post-covid getaway

Cannabis was the anxiety medication of choice for many during the pandemic. Now that America is beginning to see its way forward, a ganja vacation in Jamaica may be just what the doctor ordered for the serious weed enthusiast. Jamaica is open for business, and GanjaVacations and its resort partners in Jamaica are ready and eager to welcome weed enthusiasts of all stripes.

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