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Xana Romeo

The Roots of X

After building overwhelming anticipation and delivering a couple of hit singles for her fans, International Roots, Dub, and Reggae recording artiste Xana Romeo is set to release her highly anticipated second full-length album, The Roots of X, today via Xana Romeo Music / Charmax Music, one of Jamaica’s leading roots music company.

The Roots of X, which drops on August 6, 2021, Jamaica’s Independence Day, marks the return of Xana Romeo following a five-year hiatus. The new album from the Jamaican roots phenom Xana Romeo couldn’t come at a better time. As the new scions take the reins, roots music coming from Jamaica is needed more than ever to make people feel better and serve as a reminder of the troubled pathways of our history.

This second album weaves between hard-hitting songs touching on social issues like the degradation of our sought-after culture and our conscious lifestyle (“Spiritual Guide” & “Africa Is Calling”) and more personal narratives speaking to life in the digital age (“Holy”).

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IRIE™ | Xana Romeo - The Roots of X

The Roots of X

Release Date: August 6, 2021

“There hasn’t been any Roots music releasing from Jamaica recently because it is said that Roots Music is considered DEAD within the Jamaican Music Industry. Record labels are only interested in investing and promoting music without substance which is the destruction of youths, thus my album The Roots of X is me playing my part in putting out my art into the universe with something of substance for the youths, especially the Brave Queens.

PS – For me, this album is a culmination of the last five years. I am so excited this album is officially out! I can’t wait for you all to finally hear it and to perform it in front of all my fans worldwide!”

Xana Romeo took a decidedly different direction, choosing to lean into a wider array of sounds and styles to convey a wider array of emotions and topics, most notably her paternal ancestry. The Roots of X is not only melodic; it is beautiful to listen to.

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IRIE™ | Xana Romeo - The Roots of X

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