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Born and raised in Belgium, Arky Starch is back with a new track and music video. The accomplished bass guitar, who also plays guitar and keyboard, is a unique talent. Fusing Roots Reggae with variations in sounds, styles, and genres, he is the sum of a life rich in its cultural tapestry, yet also tinged by profound darkness and sadness.

His latest release is ‘Stigmata,’ which premiered on YouTube on July 12, 2021.

In his words, “Every one of us has a way of relaxing and escaping from the busy society we live in. If it’s a hobby, sport, meditation, or prayer, each of us, in our unique way, relaxes the soul and mind to be able to heal ourselves and feel complete.

Mental sickness and complex psychological diseases thrive well when a person doesn’t sleep or relax properly. We as a society should stop stigmatizing one another, respect diversity, and realize the importance of respecting diversity.

In my video clip and song, I open the mind of the listener and viewer to this aspect. We are all different but so alike, yet each of us has hers or his world of perception and emotion, so respect it and be aware of the reaction you create when dealing with each other and yourself.”

Arky Starch – Stigmata


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