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Silent Nancy + Zoe Mazah

Biddi Don

If you ask who is the coolest artist on the reggae scene in Europe, most people will point with their whole hand at Zoe Mazah. She is a Liberian / German reggae singer and songwriter with soul in her blood. Zoe Mazah is singing songs of big and small emotions and allows an in-depth view into her thoughts and soul. Lyrics to give hope and touch the heart. Fat beats and pumping basslines and the sweet skanks of reggae guitars seducing and inviting to daydream and let go of all troubles. The comfortable hand of an experienced songwriter Zoe Mazah mixes old-school roots reggae vibes with influences of soul and dub and her skills as a classically trained pianist. All this together leads to this very special ZOE Sound.

Along comes Silent Nancy, the duo featuring singer Katie Burke from Nashville and musician Rocksteady Fred from Sweden.

So what happens when these artists come together? We get the fruits of their labor… ‘Biddi Don’! Wow!! What a collaboration! ‘Biddi Don’ is what making music is all about. It’s love that comes from the heart; it’s love that opens the mind to collaborate with artists from different backgrounds but share the same dreams.

IRIE™ | Silent Nancy + Zoe Mazah - Biddi Don

Biddi Don

Release Date: July 16, 2021

Silent Nancy continues to release singles for their upcoming album, and the collaboration with Mazah offers beautiful singing, a rocking riddim, and the usual Silent Nancy sound! After the big songs ‘Inside Voices’, ‘Tell me what side I’m on’, and ‘For those who don’t know’, this new single really shows how great the upcoming album will be!

Biddi Don is this summer’s big combination, a song about how you can always find who you are from your roots!

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