IRIE | Reggae Magazine | ROOTS - Stonefrenge - Black in Space
2021, August 2021, Roots

ROOTS | Black in Space

Stonefrenge™ Black in Space™ Multi-artist ZOOLOOK is back with a new music project titled Stonefrenge: Black in Space. ZOOLOOK has begun work on a lofi reggae album featuring animated music videos for each song. ZOOLOOK, a lifelong user of Adobe products, will use Adobe Animate to bring his vision to life in stunning 4k. Lofi […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | ROCK - Feminish Land
2021, August 2021, Rock

ROCK | Feminish Land

Feminish Land Mundoreggae Show Feminish Land is a space for news and interviews with artists involved in the world of Reggae music, musical content of the same genre in all its variants, along with journalistic segments related to improving the visibility of global social problems such as discrimination and gender inequality, gender violence, femicide, and […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | REGGAE - The Archives
2021, August 2021, Reggae

REGGAE | The Archives

The Archives Carry Me Home Photography by: John Shore The Archives began when Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton began a quest to explore the roots of reggae music. Led by producer/ keyboard ace Darryl ‘Trane’ Burke, all members have recorded and toured internationally with acts like Eek-A-Mouse, Black Uhuru, Culture, Don Carlos, and more,” Burke explains. […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RESPECT - I Grade Dub
2021, August 2021, Respect

RESPECT | I Grade Dub

I Grade Dub Carry Me Home Dub Laurent “Tippy” Alfred, born in Haiti and raised in St. Croix, USVI, is a graduate of the Good Hope School in St. Croix (Valedictorian 1992), Harvard University (BA Magna Cum Laude 1996), and Yale Law School (J.D. 2003). Since graduating from law school, Laurent has worked in the […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RESPECT - ALL B featuring Putolargo
2021, August 2021, Respect


ALL B Nueva Normalidad featuring Putolargo Originally from Seville, Spanish singer ALL B has shown talent and versatility since her debut album in 2016 titled ‘Music from the Soul’. Since then, ALL B has truly evolved personally and professionally, going from performing at small concerts and collaborations with the Sound Systems from her hometown to […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RESPECT - Tende Kasha
2021, August 2021, Respect

RESPECT | Tende Kasha

Tende Kasha Shinning Star The 2021 AKADEMIA Rising Star Award winner, Tende Kasha, was born Francisco Dos Passos Malheiros Dos Santos in Luanda, Angola, migrated to Portugal in 1977 as a war refugee. In his youth, Tende Kasha found solace in music and through his father’s wide music collection. He immersed himself in a diverse […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RESPECT - Lucid Phase
2021, August 2021, Respect

RESPECT | Lucid Phase

Lucid Phase Wind Is Gone Wind Is Gone is a musical journey with a unique, playful sound sending out blissful sonic vibes. A stream of consciousness, the tune, alludes to the idea of passing time. Lucid Phase encourages you to live in the present, cashing in on life’s greatest commodity; TIME. Lyrics read “on and […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RESPECT - Burning Babylon
2021, August 2021, Respect

RESPECT | Burning Babylon

Burning Babylon Armagideon Avenue Formed in 1999, Burning Babylon is a one-man Dub Reggae project from Boston, Massachusetts. Created by Slade Anderson, the heavyweight riddims of Burning Babylon’s sound are firmly anchored in the 1970’s Jamaican roots tradition, but with an ear for the Neo-Dub stylings of the present day. “I came to Dub relatively […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RELEASES - Heavy Vibez + Jah Gumby
2021, August 2021, Releases

RELEASES | Jah Gumby

Jah Gumby King & Queen IRIE’s August 2021 edition of RELEASES is here featuring Heavy Vibez and Jah Gumby’s ‘Realize Riddim’ (playlist cover) with artists Roberto Sánchez, Derrick Parker, Kali Navales and Maryanne Ito along with IRIE Trax from The Archives + I Grade Dub, Tende Kasha, ALL B, Lucid Phase, Burning Babylon, Kirk Diamond […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RIDDIM - Realize Riddim
2021, August 2021, Riddim

RIDDIM | Realize Riddim

Realize Riddim Heavy Vibez + Jah Gumby Heavy Vibez is pleased to announce their first 12” vinyl. This release is comprised of 6 songs, performed by the crucial voices of Hawaiian, Spanish and Jamaican Reggae Artists: Derrick Parker, Robert Sánchez, Kali Navales and Maryanne Ito. Jah Gumby (multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, and reggae collector with three […]