IRIE | Reggae Magazine | ROOTS - Stonefrenge - Lofi Reggae Music
2021, Roots, September 2021

ROOTS | Lo-fi Reggae Music

Stonefrenge™ Lo-fi Reggae Music Multi-artist ZOOLOOK is hard at work on his latest project, Stonefrenge, a nine-track lo-fi reggae album featuring 4k animated videos produced with Adobe Animate. Additionally, ZOOLOOK plans to include three additional lo-fi tracks that he will remix from other artists, including Zoe Mazah’s upcoming release, On top of the World. Multi-artist […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | ROCK - Femin'ish Land - Queen Omega
2021, Rock, September 2021

ROCK | Queen Omega

Queen Omega Femin’ish Land In the first episode of FEMIN’ISH LAND, host and producer Lulu Solares, a.k.a. Miss Lulu, introduces legendary singer and songwriter Queen Omega as godmother of the podcast. The podcast includes the testimonies and opinions of the Mexican Reggae community, such as The Overlines (ska band) singers, Roberto de las Torres, DJ’s […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | Reggae - Chiney Kiki - Kushites
2021, Reggae, September 2021

REGGAE | Chiney Kiki

Chiney Kiki Kushites Photography by: JDash There was never a time in Chiney Kiki’s life that she could remember where she wasn’t singing or dancing. This love for the arts ultimately led her to be a multifaceted singer, dancer, director, and overall creative. Her given name is Shaneak Whittingham. She was born in Hartford, Connecticut, […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RESPECT - Christos DC
2021, Respect, September 2021

RESPECT | Christos DC

Christos DC Be of Knowledge featuring Nick Sefakis and the Skankin Monks Christos DC is back with the second single from his upcoming album, ‘Crisis 2.0’, titled ‘Be of Knowledge’. Christos DC teamed up with Nick Sefakis and the Skankin Monks for this epic track, including an official music video. “Be of knowledge was created […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RESPECT - Sgt. Remo
2021, Respect, September 2021

RESPECT | Sgt. Remo

Sgt. Remo Delivery Service featuring Ranking Joe Sgt. Remo, born Sergio Ortiz, in Juarez, Mexico, is a Mexican-American reggae singer based in San Antonio, Texas. He is known throughout the U.S. and Latin America for his powerful music and energetic performances. He tours regularly throughout the U.S. and Mexico and has become a well-known and […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RESPECT - Cezar
2021, Respect, September 2021


Cezar Morning in Gideon featuring Jerry Wonda Born with Maroon heritage into a musical family, Cezar’s father co-founded Ashanti & Bamboo Records in London. The labels produced reggae geared towards the large West Indian population in the UK & helped fuel Europe’s long-standing love affair with Jamaican music. At less than a year in age, […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RESPECT - iHiza
2021, Respect, September 2021


iHiva Take a Stand iHiva is a group born from the desire of its creators to push the boundaries of what we think of as reggae music, a genre-defying blend of rock, funk, jazz, and drum n bass styles woven into a timeless tapestry that is difficult to pigeonhole. iHiva has an international, high-energy sound […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | RELEASES - Jay Thomas
2021, Releases, September 2021

RELEASES | Jay Thomas

Jay Thomas One More Time (Beautiful Love) IRIE’s September 2021 edition of RELEASES is here featuring Jay Thomas and his newest release, ‘One More Time (Beautiful Love)’ along with IRIE Trax from Chiney Kiki + Evie Pukupoo, Zoe Mazah, Christos DC + Nick Sefakis + the Skankin Monks, Sgt. Remo + Ranking Joe, iHiva, Cezar […]

IRIE | Reggae Magazine | Rewind - MINI - One Millionth Mini
2021, Rewind, September 2021


MINI One millionth MINI delivered in the UK MINI has delivered its one-millionth car sold in the UK, just over 20 years since the start of modern MINI production began in 2001. MINI has sold over 5.1 million cars globally in the past two decades, and the UK is the brand’s largest market. David George, […]