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Realize Riddim

Heavy Vibez + Jah Gumby

Heavy Vibez is pleased to announce their first 12” vinyl. This release is comprised of 6 songs, performed by the crucial voices of Hawaiian, Spanish and Jamaican Reggae Artists: Derrick Parker, Robert Sánchez, Kali Navales and Maryanne Ito.

Jah Gumby (multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, and reggae collector with three decades of experience) teamed up with friend Hanimal Selecta to present the ‘Realize Riddim’ on digital platforms and 12” vinyl. Both formats include a melodica version and instrumental dub in addition to 4 vocal cuts.

After a few years of organizing sound system parties with the Heavy Vibez brand in Honolulu, Hawaii, Jah Gumby & Hanimal Selecta have teamed up to press their first vinyl (with the mission of contributing in a traditional way to the preservation of the music they love). With ‘Realize Riddim’ comes a universal call for love, respect, and preservation of the integrity of the Jamaican gender. In ‘So Strong’, (Spanish producer) Robert Sánchez sings a reminder of the strength of love as ammunition to constantly fight for our life and education. In addition, Jamaican, Derrick Parker, sings to the force of love in his song entitled ‘Sweet Loving’. SIDE A comprises these two vocal tracks alongside a melódica version entitled ‘King & Queen’.

Heavy Vibez + Jah Gumby – Realize Riddim

Release Date: July 30, 2021

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On SIDE B, we find the unmistakable voice of Ooklah the Moc’s vocalist and solo artist: Kali Navales. ‘Realize’, the title track of this production, is a call to appreciate the spiritual and moral roots of Reggae music. In addition to the dub versión, we also find the participation of one of the most prominent female voices to emerge out of the Hawaiian Islands recently. For the first time in a Reggae production alongside Jah Gumby, Maryanne Ito, performs her original track entitled ‘Double Talk’.

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