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Feminish Land is a space for news and interviews with artists involved in the world of Reggae music, musical content of the same genre in all its variants, along with journalistic segments related to improving the visibility of global social problems such as discrimination and gender inequality, gender violence, femicide, and its derivatives.

The mission of Feminish Land is to provide creative entertainment for reggae enthusiasts through an inclusive podcast that promotes positive socio-cultural values and contributes to the mentioned community, necessary visibility of global social problems such as violence and gender inequality, feminicide and its derivatives.

Miss Lulú writes,

“The pandemic took away the chance to celebrate the 13th and 14th anniversary of my radio show with a Reggae fiesta as usual, but it gave me the mental time to concrete the idea of this new podcast.

Yes, we live in 2021, and opportunities for women are way more than fourteen years ago or the past century, but as opportunities grow, so did the violence against women in many different levels and some places of the world, has never been better. I do not say it; the statistics and testimonies say so.

As a Communicologist and Reggae journalist, friend, sister, and woman in general, it feels a responsibility for me, who can connect through music with people worldwide, one or thousands, to create awareness in my community. To provide visibility to problems that some may think are eradicated, sometimes without realizing they are supporting it or even being part of the problem.”

Feminish Land Segments

‘INTER’VIEW’ is a segment that will introduce a musical guest each episode, with whom a biographical, thematic and reflective dialogue divided into two segments will be shared.

‘FREEMINISH’STYLE’ is an opinion freestyle with adjectives and selected themes of current issues related to gender equity and violence (musical improvisation of the guest).

‘AH’GWAAN’, derived from the patois word ‘wha gwan’, is a segment with news of interest referring to musical premieres, international Reggae activities, national and international social news of impact during the month.

‘#MIPRIMERAVEZ’, translated to #myfirsttime, is a segment with narrations of the first experience of sexual harassment from women and men. The goal is to motivate a campaign on social networks with the hashtag #miprimeravez that contributes to eradicating street harassment and sexual harassment variants TYPES OF VIOLENCE THAT ARE NOT CATALOGED OR PUNISHED.

Among other segments, each episode of Feminish Land will include mentions of constantly updated official statistics and definitions that help to make more visible discrimination and gender violence (economic, labor, institutional, psychological, physical, sexual, symbolic, media and derivatives).


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