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Nueva Normalidad featuring Putolargo

Originally from Seville, Spanish singer ALL B has shown talent and versatility since her debut album in 2016 titled ‘Music from the Soul’. Since then, ALL B has truly evolved personally and professionally, going from performing at small concerts and collaborations with the Sound Systems from her hometown to taking her performance to the most prominent European Reggae festival: Rototom Sunsplash. All B hosted the Main Stage and Lion Stage at Rototom Sunsplash two years in a row. She has also taken her music live to the main reggae venues in London, England, and collaborated with international producers with singles in different styles such as Soul, Dub, Reggae, and Jungle.

ALL B is currently working on her EP titled AWAKE which is scheduled for an October 2021 release. Her first single, ‘Crazy 4 You’, shares the beginning of a journey of self-recovery derived from a love breakup that she describes as: “The end of a really toxic relationship. When I was immersed in that relationship, I was literally crazy about this man, I saw myself shocked to put all my needs aside, to take care of his life and his needs. I felt it was the purest way to love someone.” Her latest track, ‘Nueva Normalidad’, was released on Friday 13th, featuring Spanish rapper PUTOLARGO. ‘Nueva Normalidad’, is the first of two collaborations with PUTOLARGO in this EP.

IRIE™ | ALL B - Nueva Normalidad featuring Putolargo

Nueva Normalidad featuring Putolargo

Release Date: August 13, 2021

“This single represents my spiritual awakening. As part of my escape from a toxic relationship, I went through an enormous personal evolution, which made me realize that I needed a real change in my perspective to face life.”


AWAKE EP is being co-produced by ALL B & LATIVO PRODUCE. The EP will include four songs, each with an official video clip produced by Hood’s Productions.

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