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Burning Babylon

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Formed in 1999, Burning Babylon is a one-man Dub Reggae project from Boston, Massachusetts. Created by Slade Anderson, the heavyweight riddims of Burning Babylon’s sound are firmly anchored in the 1970’s Jamaican roots tradition, but with an ear for the Neo-Dub stylings of the present day.

“I came to Dub relatively late in my musical career. For 15 years, I played guitar in various punk and metal bands in the Boston area. Then, during the mid-90s, I began playing bass seriously for the first time.

In this same period, I also decided to investigate reggae more deeply. I was, of course, familiar with the usual suspects, Marley, Tosh, etc, but was looking for something a bit more left of center. Although the word “Dub” had yet to enter my vocabulary I, unknowingly stumbled upon exactly what I was looking for: “Glen Brown and King Tubby: Termination Dub”.

Although the title and the cover art were what drew me in, this proved to be a Damascene moment. I was hooked. It didn’t take long to adjust how I listened to music to appreciate what I was hearing fully. Drums drenched in reverb, guitar, and horns echoing into oblivion and, of course, those thunderous slabs of bass.

Very quickly I was searching out albums by Scientist, The Roots Radics, Lee Perry, The Congos and more. After a few months of musical immersion, I recorded my first stab at a dub track and Burning Babylon was born.

While I’ve certainly been influenced by, and often pay homage to, those that have come before me, I feel I have my own unique sound that will, hopefully, add to the ever-expanding lexicon of Dub Reggae.”

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