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Jah Gumby

King & Queen

IRIE’s August 2021 edition of RELEASES is here featuring Heavy Vibez and Jah Gumby’s ‘Realize Riddim’ (playlist cover) with artists Roberto Sánchez, Derrick Parker, Kali Navales and Maryanne Ito along with IRIE Trax from The Archives + I Grade Dub, Tende Kasha, ALL B, Lucid Phase, Burning Babylon, Kirk Diamond + Shayne Amani, Christos DC, DJ Astro Black + Belly, David Cairol + Rik Jam, Jus Wright, and Robina Souilljee + Asher E.

RELEASES | Jah Gumby 1
IRIE™ | Heavy Vibez + Jah Gumby - Realize Riddim

Jah Gumby
King & Queen (Realize Riddim)

Release Date: July 30, 2021

RELEASES | Jah Gumby 1

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IRIE™ | Heavy Vibez & Jah Gumby - Realize Riddim

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