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Kirk Diamond + Shayne Amani

Word, Sound Power

Juno Award Winner Kirk Diamond is a singer, songwriter, producer, and social activist in his own right. Diamond has proven that there are no limits when high expectations of oneself and one’s goals are achieved. Spreading musical messages of unity, inclusion, and love for all walks of life, The Movement Of Ahryel joins Kirk Diamond in delivering his greatness to reggae lovers.

In 2021 Kirk started, “In The Blvck”. A creative space for artists to express their creativity.

Shayne Amani is a Toronto-based artist born in Jamaica, where his talent and passion for music started at the tender age of six when he discovered his profound love for reggae music.

Shayne has been making a name for himself as a talented lyricist and singer with a serene voice over the past eight years since immigrating to Canada. Shayne has proven that the sky is the limit and sees music as his mission.

IRIE™ | Kirk Diamond + Shayne Amani - Word, Sound Power

Kirk Diamond + Shayne Amani
Word, Sound Power

Release Date: August 6, 2021

Kirk and Shayne have recently collaborated alongside Iiimpala on an EP titled “IIIMPALA PRESENTS: KIRK DIAMOND MEETS SHAYNE AMANI”. Already being called a classic compilation, both artists show and prove that they have a lot to offer to the Evolution of Reggae.

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