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On December 26, 2013, ZOOLOOK launched IRIE™ Magazine, a new reggae publication dedicated to Roots, Rock, Reggae music. Published in digital format, the inaugural issue of IRIE featured Reggae Ambassadors, Third World, on the cover in illustrated form. In addition, the issue celebrated the band’s 40-year presence in the reggae music industry with an in-depth interview of the founding members, complete with pictures and discography.

ZOOLOOK, the creator and publisher of Dread & Alive and Irie Magazine, says, “In creating IRIE, it was important to do something different. I wanted to create a magazine that educated the reader while offering them stories and music full of inspiration and positive vibes.”

Today, each issue of IRIE offers readers six main features; ROOTS, ROCK, REGGAE, RESPECT, REWIND, and RELEASES. The ROOTS section features stories about African historical figures who have contributed or sacrificed for our future. The ROCK section focuses on stories of everyday people who are pillars in their community. The REGGAE section highlights our reggae heroes who dedicate their lives to representing and spreading roots rock reggae music!

The RESPECT features are all about recognizing independent artists, writers, musicians, and entrepreneurs who are living their dreams! The REWIND section is a photo gallery that takes the reader back in time to experience reggae music artists on stage. Last but not least, RELEASES is the monthly playlist featuring new reggae music from around the world.

As always, anyone can receive a free digital subscription to Irie Magazine by visiting the official website at and subscribing today. It’s FREE!

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