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When IRIE’s founder and editor-in-chief, Nicholas Da Silva, is not covering the reggae scene, you can rest assured he is busy working on one of his creative projects under his artist name, ZOOLOOK. A multi-artist who produces original music, writes and draws comic books, designs and develops immersive websites, and creates animations for the web and TV, ZOOLOOK is excited about his latest project… STONEFRENGE.

What is STONEFRENGE? ZOOLOOK calls it a Lo-Fi / Hi-Fi Reggae Music album and animated music videos series. The album will feature nine original songs with an animated music video for each track. In addition, ZOOLOOK plans to produce a Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi version for each song.

The idea for STONEFRENGE first came to ZOOLOOK back in 2004 while producing TGSNT Storytelling Competition. For each year TGSNT was held, ZOOLOOK would create a new member of his Cavedudez characters to host the event. And with each festival, he would produce an animated story behind the festival.

In 2012, ZOOLOOK conceived the name STONEFRENGE and copyrighted the first concepts for the STONEFRENGE world, including the Cavedudez and Cavebettiez characters. Since then, he has been writing the storylines for the series while producing original music, which he describes as a fusion of reggae, dub, hip-hop, and EDM.

A pioneer of flash animation, ZOOLOOK will be using Adobe Animate as his animation tool for music videos.

ZOOLOOK will launch his first NFT collection on the blockchain with STONEFRENGE. The delivery will include content from the artist’s including artwork, music, trading cards, and other unique and not easily exchanged assets.

Finally, ZOOLOOK is ready to bring project STONEFRENGE to the world.

ZOOLOOK – Stonefrenge

IRIE™ | ZOOLOOK - Stonefrenge


ZOOLOOK Interview

IRIE. What is STONEFRENGE all about?

ZOOLOOK. STONEFRENGE is a Lo-Fi / Hi-Fi album and animated music video series. STONEFRENGE takes two mediums that I love, music and animation, and tells a compelling story through music and art.

The plot of the series focuses on three characters and the different paths that bring them together on the mysterious goldilocks planet.

IRIE. How did the STONEFRENGE project come about?

ZOOLOOK. The idea of STONEFRENGE has been simmering somewhere in the back of my mind since my Flash animation days.

When I founded the TGSNT Flash Storytelling competition, I created the Cavedudez characters to host each festival. TGSNT I introduced Leno; TGSNT II welcomed Kaya, and TGSNT III featured Betty, the first member of the Cavebettiez. I would also create characters featuring real people drawn in the likeness of the Cavedudez.

I was blown away by the diversity of people interested in being a part of this universe. Now it was time to create the backstory, STONEFRENGE. I included one essential music tie-in with the characters; each member would have a name that appeared in the title of a popular song.

BTW, the inhabitants of STONEFRENGE are called STONERS.

IRIE. Is STONEFRENGE produced as a Science Fiction series? If so, why?

ZOOLOOK. Yes, it is! Growing up in Brazil and the US, I was disappointed in the lack of black heroic characters in popular culture and American literature. So I spent my childhood reading sci-fi novels. I figured the aliens probably came in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

I watched STAR TREK and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA on television.

When STAR WARS came out in the theaters, I was certified BLERD. Some of the Sci-Fi films I like include the ALIEN series, The Fifth Element, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. My favorite Sci-Fi movie of all time is Close Encounters of the Third Kind, especially the Director’s Cut.

Something about creating the future in your vision is powerful. Everything that I imagine and produce is part of my ZOOLOOK universe.

IRIE. You mention Lo-Fi music. Why a Lo-Fi version of the album?

ZOOLOOK. I love the Lo-Fi genre, from Lo-Fi Hip-Hop and Lo-Fi Jazz to downtempo and chillwave. Lo-Fi music helps us relax, focus and most importantly, de-stress.

IRIE. How do you plan to release the album and music videos?

ZOOLOOK. I plan to release one track every month—first, the Hi-Fi track followed by the Lo-Fi track with the music video. The music videos will be available on my ZOOLOOK on Demand channel at VIMEO.

IRIE. You just released the first song from the album, the title track, STONEFRENGE. How would you describe your sound?

ZOOLOOK. I would describe my sound as a mix of Reggae, Dub, Hip-Hop, and EDM.

IRIE. Who do you consider as some of your musical influences?

ZOOLOOK. I grew up in a household that played every genre of music. There was no exception.

My music influences include; Jean Michel Jarre, Kitaro, Thievery Corporation, Steel Pulse, Third World, Bob Marley & the Wailers, Burning Spear, The Specials, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Rush, Pink Floyd, Styx, Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk, and Front 242, to name a few.

IRIE. What do you hope your fans or first-time viewers and listeners take with them after experiencing STONEFRENGE?

ZOOLOOK. I hope that they get inspired by the stories and music I have to share.

IRIE. Is there anything you would like to say or share with the IRIE audience?

ZOOLOOK. I want to say a BIG UP to Dubmatix, a great friend and an inspiration—feeling blessed that the STONEFRENGE album will be mixed and mastered by Dubmatix. I also want to welcome Zoe Mazah to STONEFRENGE. I discovered her music while working with Res Staudenmann on his ‘Female Reggae Voices’ album. Zoe Mazah belongs on STONEFRENGE! Last but not least, I want to give the biggest Love & Respect to my partner at IRIE, Michelle! You Rock! One more thing…

For anyone seeking a career in the arts, create your art because of your love for the medium. Do what you love; the money will follow. And don’t chase your dreams; live your dreams.

IRIE. Much Love & Respect, ZOOLOOK!


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