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TGSNT™ Miniball

In the spring of 2004, ZOOLOOK teamed up with UK-based Naked Penguin Boy Ltd. to create a Flash-based foosball game as part of a viral marketing campaign to introduce the return of The Greatest Story Never Told Flash storytelling competition.

TGSNT Miniball launched during Euro 2004, featuring the fun-loving Cavedudez, Kaya & Leno, squaring off for a friendly game of stone-age football. The game’s objective: to be the first cavedude to score five goals to win the game. Game enthusiasts can choose between 1 or 2 player modes.

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Release Date: March 23, 2009

ZOOLOOK, the founder/producer of TGSNT and FlashTV, said, “In producing TGSNT, I wanted to add some fun to the event by introducing a new Cavedude member for the storytelling competition each year held. So, for the 2nd annual event, I not only introduced our latest Cavedude, Kaya, but I also gave the Cavedudez something fun to do; Miniball!”

Greg Heasley, Interactive Director of Naked Penguin Boy Ltd., said, “I think what makes this game work virally and why it is so popular is that it’s based on such a classic real-world game, it’s entertaining to play and a great game to challenge your friends. Although the Atlantic separated us for the duration of the project, it all moved along very smoothly. Nicholas is doing a great job with TGSNT, and we’re thrilled to be involved in it.”

ZOOLOOK received his second FWA of the Day award for TGSNT: Cavedudez Miniball on June 27, 2004.


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