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No Women. No Children.

On July 6, 2007, published a feature on the best digital comics for your PlayStation Portable (PSP), SONY’s multi-talented member of the handheld game console family. First released in Japan on December 12, 2004, it reached North America on March 24, 2005. ZOOLOOK scooped one up and soon discovered that this special hardware harbor a dark and geeky secret. For mixed-media artist ZOOLOOK, the SONY PSP was the perfect storytelling device to present his digital comic books with original music scores. He would develop the multicultural spy thriller HITLESS, the first digital comic book/ music series produced for the SONY PSP and the fourth-generation iPod from Apple.


No Way Out

Release Date: January 1, 2005

Pocketgamer’s Fraser MacInnes writes…

“The premise of Agent HITLESS is nothing to get too excited about: Superpowered vigilantes on the run from the evil corporations that gave them their superpowers are bread and butter in the world of comics. But even an unoriginal story told well can do much more than hold its own, and Agent HITLESS proves to be an entertaining frame flicker despite its humdrum plot. Drip feeding information and utilizing the show-don’t-tell dynamic of the comic format to deft effect, Agent HITLESS is predictable yet gripping at once. The two free episodes of the made-for-PSP comic released so far (though there is support for other handheld devices, too) showcase a visual style that less seasoned comic fans will be much more instantly familiar with. The site that accompanies the comic is also very slick and features wallpapers and a streaming soundtrack (which is available on iTunes). We expect great things from ZOOLOOK in the future and in the meantime, the first two episodes of Agent HITLESS are a good indication of what is to come.”


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