RESPECT | Yves ‘DUKE’ Ducrey – Overthere

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Yves ‘DUKE’ Ducrey


IRIE is proud to present ‘Overthere,’ the first Yves Duke single. This track is played on Trombone on the ‘African Roots Riddim.’ Overthere, Overdub, and African Roots Riddim will be released on all platforms on the 27 of November. This track and ‘Overdub,’ the dub mix, were finalized, mixed, and mastered in Kingston, Jamaica, at New Ark Studio at Nature’s Eyes. For the first time, Duke Production provides a download link to get the stems. He can be contacted at [email protected] to get the link. These melodies take listeners to ‘the thousand and one night’s world.’


About Yves ‘DUKE’ Ducrey:

Yves ‘Duke’ Ducrey is a musician, sound engineer, and producer born in Switzerland in November 1979. The Trombone chose him when he was a child. Yves ‘Duke’ Ducrey joined ‘La Liberté’ brass band in ‘Fully,’ the village where he grew up. As a teenager, he decided to enter a teacher’s school because there were free guitar lessons. He also learned piano and choir singing there. In 1996, he founded his first band: ‘Blindside,’ where he performed as a guitarist-singer and covered songs by ‘Bob Marley,’ melodies from ‘Culture’ and ‘Inner Circle.’

As a young adult, he became passionate about the double bass and percussion. In 2003, he set up his first ‘home studio’ and produced and recorded dubplates. In 2006, he created ‘The Giants,’ a Roots Reggae Dub Trio. In 2012, his brother, David, suggested they make their music label: ‘Duke Production.’ Since 2019, Yves has been his label’s independent musician, sound engineer, and producer. His first Trombone single: ‘Overthere,’ and his dub mix titled ‘Overdub’ will be released on the 27 of November. This single was produced, mixed, and mastered at New Ark Studio, which recently moved to Nature’s Eyes in Kingston, Jamaica.