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International Extremity Project

Helping People get on their feet since 1988

A non-profit medical mission, the International Extremity Project travels to Vietnam, Namibia, and Angola, where our podiatric and orthopedic surgeons correct severe lower-extremity deformities for under-served patient populations.

These procedures give many needy people a new chance at life. Children unable to attend school because of physical limitations — or social stigma — have a chance to be kids unencumbered by deformities. Adults who have lived decades, never having seen their feet in the correct position, see their toes pointing where they should. And they gain improved mobility — and the opportunities that come with it. In Vietnam, families handle most post-operative care, including food and bedding.

Many patients come from a distance, so their entire families are also there. People set up camp on bamboo mats in hallways. It’s hot and chaotic.

IRIE | Rock - International Extremity Project

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Please make checks payable to “International Children Assistance Network.”

All supplies are donated or purchased from donations. In Vietnam, IEP provides everything related to patient care, including medical supplies and equipment. The team gives most of what we don’t use to the hospitals, providing supplies that are harder to obtain locally. We also fund and pay the hospital for services used while there.

The IEP team members are all volunteers who use personal vacation time and are each responsible for covering the costs of airfare, hotel, and in-country travel through their funds and individual fundraising efforts.

IRIE and the IEP thank you kindly for your support.