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Stonefrenge: Black in Space

Meet Roxanne, the alter ego of Michelle, Editorial Director of IRIE. Michelle performs many roles as a partner in IRIE Magazine alongside Nicholas Da Silva, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of IRIE. She determines the content for each issue of IRIE with Nicholas, including the monthly playlists. Still, most importantly, Michelle works directly with our partners, scheduling reggae shows and events and deciding what products and services IRIE will cover. She also handles artist management for Nicholas Da Silva, known professionally as the multidisciplinary artist and musician ZOOLOOK. IRIE is a team effort.

A fan of ZOOLOOK’s creative universe, Michelle has been drawn and written into the upcoming dub reggae album and sci-fi animated music video series, STONEFRENGE: Black in Space.

As the Soul Rebel, Roxanne, Michelle has become one-half of the crew of the SR-420 traveling the galaxies on behalf of the fictional space agency, I.R.I.E. (Intergalactic Rebels for Interstellar Exploration. Their mission is to find the mysterious goldilock planet, STONEFRENGE.

ZOOLOOK has taken the storyline for the series one step further by introducing a band called I.R.I.E. He has begun producing a special soundtrack featuring dub and reggae music from the band I.R.I.E.

Members of the band I.R.I.E. include Roxanne (drums), ZOOLOOK (bass/keyboards), Razaman (vocals), Zoe Mazah (vocals), Kaya (guitar) and Leno (Keyboards)

IRIE | I.R.I.E. Member - Roxanne (Drums)



IRIE | I.R.I.E. Member - Zoe Mazah (Vocals)

Zoe Mazah


IRIE | I.R.I.E. Member - ZOOLOOK (Bass/Keyboards)



IRIE | I.R.I.E. Member - Kaya (Guitar)



IRIE | I.R.I.E. Member - Razaman (Vocals)



IRIE | I.R.I.E. Member - Leno (Keyboards)



ZOOLOOK will begin releasing songs in the spring of 2024, along with a series of music videos featuring the members of I.R.I.E. Until then, look for the release of ZOOLOOK’s debut album, STONEFRENGE: Black in Space, on Feb 1, 2024. The dub reggae album will be released digitally along with the premiere of the music video ‘Soul Rebel.’ ZOOLOOK will follow up the release with a 4/20 release of Natural High. Follow Roxanne and ZOOLOOK on social media at