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The Wise Bloods

London Summer Loving

The Wise Bloods, London’s Realest Reggae Pioneers Revive The Spirit of London Summer with “London Summer Loving”

“I don’t know if people will like this, but it’s my favorite right now. It’s the most authentic to our story, the one that paints pictures from my past experiences and influences. It’s our NY State of Mind (NAS), it’s our Kingston Town (Alboriosie), our California Love (Tupac/Dr. Dre) for our home London city”.

On Friday, November 10th, charismatic and independent Roots Reggae sensation from London, The Wise Bloods, are set to leave an indelible mark on the global music stage with their latest release, “London Summer Loving.”Fusing high energy, urban influences, and a ‘hood’ attitude, The Wise Bloods are on a mission to make their presence known across international Reggae scenes, drawing inspiration from their diverse cultural backgrounds spanning Jamaica, England, and New Zealand.

“London Summer Loving”: A blissful summer haze to Social Commentary

The track, ‘London Summer Loving,’ is a vibrant, faster-paced reggae rockers anthem. It opens with characteristic stabs and a reggae drum fill, evoking the spirit of classics like “No No No” by Dawn Penn or “No Cocaine” by Alborosie. From the first opening seconds, the song promises to be energetic.

“Inspired by the early days of London’s summer, the song captures the joyful essence of that moment when the warm sun emerges. The chorus lyrics depict a carefree drive through the city, dreaming of having a beautiful girl in the passenger seat and savoring the fresh, sunny rays despite life’s struggles. The chorus encapsulates both the sweetness and bitterness of the season, touching subtly on the increase in street violence and stabbings among London’s youth over the summer months. It encourages listeners to focus on the positive aspects of London’s summer and seek strength within communities, avoiding potential negativity and senseless conflicts.”

Lead singer Jesse James shares, “When we were younger, we sort of wore the violent reputations of our London boroughs as a badge of honor. That quickly changes when the news of a young person dying from a stabbing ends up being someone you know.” Despite the song nodding to violence, it is in no way the central theme of the song, ‘In fact, the song is mostly about the unique brilliance, authenticity, and interconnectedness of our multicultural communities,’ Jesse explains, “We’re all out here trying to have a good time and get by. Everywhere is great food, music, and an unspoken togetherness. Let’s focus on the potential of the greatness in front of us, ready and waiting for when we come together, rather than get caught up in our own egos and stupid beef.”

Vivid Verses Reflecting City Life

The verses provide a vivid snapshot of London’s summer scenes, showcasing a rich culture of foods and musical heritage, providing moments of harmony and joy as well as the darker facets of the city, including an ever-present drug-based economy, homelessness, and drug addiction. The lyrics will likely resonate with all city dwellers, offering a striking portrayal of life in the metropolis.

World-Class Production and Imminent Release

All of The Wise Bloods’ new project, including “LondonSummer Loving,” is recorded at the legendary reggae studio BBMC with critically acclaimed engineer JaimeZugasti, renowned for his work with Reggae contemporary reggae stars like Protoje, Lila Ike, Aswad, Mortimer, and more. “London Summer Loving” is set for a digital release on all major platforms on Friday, November 10th, 2023. The timing may be at the end of the British summer, but The Wise Bloods are confident that this track’s infectious energy will carry into 2024 as a Reggae summer anthem.

“Eye Out For The Devil” Project: A Reggae Journey Through London Realities

“London Summer Loving” is the third single to drop from their highly-anticipated 2023 project, “Eye Out For TheDevil.” This innovative project comprises a series of songs, each accompanied by an alternative dub version, with re-released versions (or ‘riddims’) set to feature guest artists from the international Reggae scene. The culmination of this digital release journey is an eagerly awaited physical vinyl album slated for early 2024.

A Rising Force in Reggae Music

The Wise Bloods have been making waves in the Reggae world, having garnered airtime on prominent radio shows such as David Rodigan’s BBC 1xtra, Ras Kwame’sCapital Xtra, Sarah Cee’s Vibes FM, and Robert Elm’s BBCRadio London. They’ve also earned well-deservedfeatures in esteemed Reggae publications, including Reggaeville, Rootfire Intl, and Irie Mag. Their electrifying performances have graced iconic venues like the White Rock Theatre, O2 Islington, O2Oxford, South Bank Centre, Fox and Firkin, and the legendary Boomtown Festival.

Spectacular Rise on Spotify

The band’s star is rising rapidly, reflected in their Spotify numbers. Their previous single, “Eye Out For TheDevil,” has catapulted their monthly Spotify listeners from 3,000 to an impressive 17,000, with numbers still on the ascent. The Wise Bloods’ music has an enthusiastic audience worldwide, with a significant listener base in the US, Brazil, France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Mexico, Argentina, and more.

Unique Sound Blending Modern and Classic ReggaeElements

The Wise Bloods’ musical essence brings influences of rap and soul with the basic foundations of roots reggae, bridging the gap between the past and the present in Reggae. Their sound is often recognized as possessing a classic quality with a modern flavor. Lead Singer Jesse James has even identified Afrobeats as influencing the vocal delivery of the chorus in the upcoming single. Their music resonates with elements of ‘one love’ and social inclusivity while addressing the multifaceted aspects of human nature, love, and loss and offering societal and political commentary.


About The Wise Bloods

The Wise Bloods are a Progressive Roots, Soul Rock, and Reggae band hailing from London, UK. Formed by songwriter, lead singer, and producer Jesse James Jack MacFarlane, the band has evolved into a dynamic collective of talented musicians who have played a central role in shaping the band’s distinctive sound and character. Drawing influences from Roots Reggae, Soul, Rock, and Hip Hop, The Wise Bloods create a unique blend of music that captivates audiences with its authenticity and unapologetic approach. Their music delves into thought-provoking themes, exploring the desire to live true to oneself while navigating the challenges of urban life. They call to challenge the status quo and advocate for positive change with a deeper value on nature locally and globally.

With two EPs under their belt, ‘Convergence’ and ‘Let Me Love,’ The Wise Bloods have garnered recognition and airplay on notable radio stations, including BBC Radio (David Rodigan), Capital Xtra (Ras Kwame), and Vibes FM (Sarah Cee). Their debut EP, Let Me Love, described by BBC 1xtra’s David Rodigan as ‘Very Impressive’ initiated the band onto international reggae scenes and has helped them accumulate over 400,000 Spotify streams.

Now, the band is gearing up for their highly anticipated release, ‘Eye Out For The Devil.’ This body of work promises to explore their signature themes further while offering a unique perspective on multicultural life in London. Their music reflects the raw realities of the city, its diverse communities, and the struggles individuals face within modern urban environments.

Although identified as sitting close beside modern and progressive roots, stating artists like Protoje and Tribal Seeds as contemporary influences, their unique attitude, and dissidence as Londoners give them a sound that is uniquely their own. London-born vocalist Jesse James has cited the inspiration of grime and other current London artists establishing themselves as quintessentially British on an international stage, but rather than assuming a voice that affirms a stereotypical straight-down-the-middle British identity, The singer acknowledges a more personally authentic voice as a British Londoner influenced by the multicultural experience of growing up in south London, a place (among other ethnicities) with a strong Jamaican presence.

The Wise Bloods’ live performances are known for their powerful and unruly energy, infusing their recorded music with soul and emotion. They seek to deepen their audience bases internationally, connecting with reggae communities in America, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Germany, Spain, France, and beyond. They aim to share their positive message of unruly energy and be part of the uplifting international vibration of reggae music.

The Wise Bloods are carving out their space in the music scene with their unapologetic and authentic approach. Their music calls for personal development, social change, and the pursuit of truth. Challenging societal norms and empowering individuals, The Wise Bloods strive to create a better world through their music, leaving an indelible mark on the global reggae landscape.

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