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ROOTS | Lo-fi Reggae Music

Stonefrenge™ Lo-fi Reggae Music Multi-artist ZOOLOOK is hard at work on his latest project, Stonefrenge, [...]

ROOTS | Black in Space

Stonefrenge™ Black in Space™ Multi-artist ZOOLOOK is back with a new music project titled Stonefrenge: [...]

ROOTS | Stonefrenge™

ZOOLOOK™ Stonefrenge™ What do you get when you mix art, music, history, and science? You [...]

ROOTS | Akan Concept of Evil

Dread & Alive: Nine Night™ The Akan Concept of Evil In ZOOLOOK’s Dread & Alive [...]

ROOTS | The Soul

Dread & Alive: Nine Night™ The Soul The Akan believe we come into this world [...]

ROOTS | Nine Night – Ch. 1

Nine Night Chapter 1 It’s ‘I’fficial! Chapter 1 of ZOOLOOK’s Dread & Alive: Nine Night [...]

ROOTS | Marielle Franco

Marielle Franco Still Present! Now and Forever On March 14, 2018, Marielle Franco was brutally [...]

ROOTS | Dead Hour

Dread & Alive: Duppy Conqueror Dead Hour On February 6, 2021, ZOOLOOK officially released Dread [...]

ROOTS | Duppy Conqueror

Dread & Alive Duppy Conqueror On February 6, 2021, ZOOLOOK will officially release the long-awaited [...]

ROOTS | A Tale of Two Brothers

Dread & Alive A Tale of Two Brothers Dread & Alive tells the tale of [...]

ROOTS | Shadowcatcher

Shadowcatcher Be afraid. Be very afraid. QUACO or Kwakú, the Akan name given to a [...]


ZOOLOOK I Like To Score On July 6, 2007, published a feature on the [...]