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Lo-fi IRIE Feeling

Stonefrenge Soundtrack

Multi-artist ZOOLOOK is back with the third track from his ‘Stonefrenge: Black in Space’ album. Titled ‘Lo-Fi IRIE Feeling’, this track explores ZOOLOOK’s love for the Lo-Fi music genre.

ZOOLOOK plans to release the song as an NFT through the platform. The official release date is January 6, 2022. Fans and newcomers to ZOOLOOK’s music can purchase ‘Lo-Fi IRIE Feeling’ with $IRIE, the official cryptocurrency of ZOOLOOK.

STONEFRENGE: Black in Space is a Lo-Fi / Hi-Fi album and original sci-fi animated series created and produced by the multi-artist ZOOLOOK. In Stonefrenge, ZOOLOOK is the Soul Rebel searching for the holy grail of Earth-like planets in the Goldilocks Zone, Stonefrenge, Earth’s twin.

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IRIE invites you to become a Stonefrenge citizen and receive exclusive benefits and rewards, including music releases from ZOOLOOK, limited edition merch, and NFT collaborations opportunities with your own custom avatar. The membership is $100 (USD) a year and includes a custom avatar created for your existence on the goldilocks planet, Stonefrenge. There are two ways to sign up; using the credit card online form or buying $IRIE, our cryptocurrency, to purchase our POP campaign on

Membership grants you extra privileges on Stonefrenge including exclusive items and discounts, access to premium-only content, and more!

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ROOTS | Lo-fi IRIE Feeling

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