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Nine Night

Chapter 1

It’s ‘I’fficial! Chapter 1 of ZOOLOOK’s Dread & Alive: Nine Night maxi-series is now available! Nine Night is the next story arc in the Dread & Alive reggae comic book and music series from ZOOLOOK. The prequel to issue #1 of Dread & Alive, Nine Night is the story of how Drew McIntosh discovers his powers and, most importantly, the plan that Jah has for him as the dreadlocked Soul Rebel!

IRIE™ | ZOOLOOK - Dread & Alive: Nine Night - Chapter 1

Release Date: April 20, 2021
Publisher: ZOOLOOK
Language: English, Patois
ISBN: 978-0-9830637-6-6
Copyright: © 2021 ZOOLOOK
Imprint: ComiXstand
Total Lpages: 80
Package Dimensions: 10.25 x 6.25 x 0.2 inches
Format: Comic Book (Maxi-Series)

In Nine Night, the veil between the living and the dead, man and spirit, is pulled aside.

To celebrate the return of the Soul Rebel, Drew McIntosh, IRIE presents a special ten-page preview from Nine Night – Chapter 1.

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