Irie™ Magazine | Roots - Millie Small
Roots, 2017, April 2017

Roots | Millie Small

Millie Small My Boy Lollipop The ever-so-talented Millicent Dolly May Small, more famously known as ‘Millie Small’, was born on October 6, 1946 in Clarendon, Jamaica. She is known for her rendition of the hit song ‘My Boy Lollipop’ which has sold over six million records worldwide and helped launch Island Records into mainstream popularity […]

Irie™ Magazine | Rock - Nan Lewis
2017, April 2017, Rock

Rock | Nan Lewis

Nan Lewis Entertainment Works Nan Lewis opened Entertainment Works in 1989 as a direct result of her love with reggae music. A professional publicist since 1974, she is well-versed in marketing and promoting products and services through editorial coverage in the media so, when she was asked to manage a PR campaign for a reggae […]

Irie™ Magazine | Reggae - Ras Midas
2017, April 2017, Reggae

Reggae | Ras Midas

Ras Midas The Musical Prophet Singer, songwriter, performing and recording artist, composer and producer, Ras Midas has produced critically acclaimed roots rock Reggae music since 1974, when he began recording unique and innovative songs for legendary Jamaican producer, the late Harry Johnson (Harry J Recording Studio, Kingston, JA). Ras Midas’s first album, Cover Me (1974), […]

Irie™ Magazine | Respect - Kingfisha
2017, April 2017, Respect

Respect | Kingfisha

Kingfisha Internationally renowned dub aficionados KINGFISHA stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the world’s best proponents of the genre. Sultry, expert, and undeniably infectious, the KINGFISHA sound highlights deep all-encompassing rhythms with a feather-light touch and understated soul vocal that has built them an impeccable reputation as Australia’s bass-heavy roof-raisers. “So smooth and understated it verges on soulful.” […]

Irie™ Magazine | Respect - Nex Chapta
2017, April 2017, Respect

Respect | Nex Chapta

Nex Chapta Meet Nex Chapta™… hailing from the twin island country of Trinidad and Tobago. The name ‘Nex Chapta’ symbolizes progressive change since nothing in life is constant except change itself. It represents the beginning of another phase, a new movement and a new message. Nex Chapta performs a fine catalogue of their original reggae […]

Irie™ Magazine | Respect - 9 Mile Roots
2017, April 2017, Respect

Respect | 9 Mile Roots

9 Mile Roots When you think of the band, 9 Mile Roots, you immediately think of rock reggae vibes with hard rock riffs, hip-hop flow, smooth brass licks & rock-steady hooks. This Suburban Roots Reggae band founded in 2009 and based out of the Baltimore / DC metro is definitely an Irie Magazine favorite. Growing […]

Irie™ Magazine | Respect - Raynbird
2017, April 2017, Respect

Respect | Raynbird

Raynbird Raynbird, aka Rayner, is a self taught multi instrumentalist, composer, producer and photographer. He was born and raised in Kingston Jamaica, and later immigrated to the United States to study Mechanical Engineering. Though he had always loved music and had a desire to perform being from a small island with limited resources meant he […]

Irie™ Magazine | Respect - Chala
2017, April 2017, Respect

Respect | Chala

Chala Based on the island of Maui, the band CHALA is a collective of extremely talented musicians from around the world. Their sound is melting pot of Reggae, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Latin grooves. The band has released three music videos for the songs ‘Can’t Stop Smiling’, ‘New Beginnings’ and ‘Let It Rain’. CHALA […]

Irie™ Magazine | Respect - Aima Moses
2017, April 2017, Respect

Respect | Aima Moses

Aima Moses Aima Moses hails directly out of Dominica, the humble West Indies country of many rivers. Aima’s love for music started early as a church choir singer and has transformed to where he is today. He is no newcomer to the business and is building his name and brand with his silky smooth voice […]

Irie™ Magazine | Releases - AAA Badboy
2017, April 2017, Releases

Releases | AAA Badboy

AAA Badboy Struggle & Sunshine (Reggae Revolution Pt. II) Although known for playing many different types of music, Reggae has always been at the very heart of what Kaptin Barrett aka AAA Badboy (the latest alias of many) is about. Ever since his early days on East and West London housing estates such as Kingsmead […]