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Respect | Raynbird

Irie™ Magazine | Respect - Raynbird


Raynbird, aka Rayner, is a self taught multi instrumentalist, composer, producer and photographer.

He was born and raised in Kingston Jamaica, and later immigrated to the United States to study Mechanical Engineering. Though he had always loved music and had a desire to perform being from a small island with limited resources meant he wasn’t able to fully harness those skills as a teenager.

It was in the USA while studying that he joined his first band and started playing his first instrument the bass Guitar.

“Its crazy the people you meet during the course of your life” he recalls. “I met Asaad on my first day at UNT and asked him if he knew where I could buy a cell phone. He walked with me to the cell phone store and we discussed music. He grew up in St. Louis and wanted to play reggae. I never touched an instrument before but volunteered to be his bass player. We ended up forming a band a few months later and had been friends for years. Until I moved away” Raynbird has a very eclectic taste in music and has a large album collection that spans a wide range of genres from classical, jazz, all the way to death metal and of course Reggae. These influences combine to create a very unique and innovative sound.

“I really struggle to think in terms of one genre, so I just play whatever comes to me. Hopefully people will dig it.”

We dig it, brother! Maaad Respect!

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