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Respect | Nex Chapta

Irie™ Magazine | Respect - Nex Chapta

Nex Chapta

Meet Nex Chapta™… hailing from the twin island country of Trinidad and Tobago.

The name ‘Nex Chapta’ symbolizes progressive change since nothing in life is constant except change itself. It represents the beginning of another phase, a new movement and a new message. Nex Chapta performs a fine catalogue of their original reggae and reggae fusion music.

In July 2016, they released their first single entitled ‘Good Morning Rasta’; a reggae social commentary on the difficult times that the world faces today. The song highlights the negativity pervading society while delivering a hopeful message. The track features vocals, drums and bass guitar reminiscent of roots reggae but injects different elements of soul through the other instruments featured.

A stylistically unique Reggae Band from day one, the members of Nex Chapta have been been singing, performing, and playing in sync as if they’d been together their entire musical careers. Throughout the course of the band’s union, they have won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life; performing at a variety of venues, all the while recording new music.

The group is determined to return positivity to society by injecting natural goodness through our music. The message behind our sound is one of family, love, awareness, hope and the active pursuit of good vibrations.