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9 Mile Roots

When you think of the band, 9 Mile Roots, you immediately think of rock reggae vibes with hard rock riffs, hip-hop flow, smooth brass licks & rock-steady hooks. This Suburban Roots Reggae band founded in 2009 and based out of the Baltimore / DC metro is definitely an Irie Magazine favorite.

Growing up on the Mid-Atlantic music scene, 9 Mile Roots has developed a sound that blends together California-style reggae vibes with the catchy hip-hop feel that is a Baltimore-area signature, and the traditional rock band crunch that pushes the beat continually forward. Their high-energy sound perfectly compliments their dynamic stage show, keeping the crowd on their toes with a commanding presence and booming melody hooks. As their name signifies – standing on the shoulders of giants, the band finds it important to pay respect and homage to the Jamaican roots and origin of the music they love to make, while pushing the boundaries of what’s become the Rock Reggae genre.

ReEvolve is the third studio release from 9 Mile Roots.  Continually growing, updating, and rolling with the punches – the band has changed over the years, both emotionally as people and physically with different musicians who’ve come and gone. Each album produced has had its own unique sound and feel to it. Just before the start of writing this album a lot had changed again, new instrumentation pushed the band in a slightly different direction and the process of updating out sound began a new… Evolving once again!  ReEvolve is their finest work yet, and they are very proud and excited to release it for everyone to enjoy.

ReEvolve will be released May 19th – available for presale beginning 4/20! To celebrate their new album release, Irie Magazine will be featuring 9 Mile Roots on the cover of the June 2016 Cali Reggae edition.

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