Irie Magazine | Reggae | Chala
2018, October 2018 - Cali Reggae, Reggae

Reggae | Chala

Chala Life, Music & Culture Photography By: Sean Michael Hower Meet CHALA . . . a group of extremely talented Maui Musicians, led by writer, musician and producer Benjamin Cerda. Benjamin was born in South America Chile but raised in Northern California. Influenced by his musician parents, he couldn’t help but to pick up the […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | Lion Nativo
2018, March 2018 - World Reggae, Respect

Respect | Lion Nativo

Lion Nativo Chile Lion Nativo is a singer originally from Quilpué (Pikunmapu / Chile). Lion Nativo is part of the independent label Tómate. Raised in hip-hop and influenced by the Rastafari culture, he belongs to the block of singers and bands that have committed their work to strengthen the defense movement for the territory in […]

Irie™ Magazine | Respect - Chala
2017, April 2017, Respect

Respect | Chala

Chala Based on the island of Maui, the band CHALA is a collective of extremely talented musicians from around the world. Their sound is melting pot of Reggae, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Latin grooves. The band has released three music videos for the songs ‘Can’t Stop Smiling’, ‘New Beginnings’ and ‘Let It Rain’. CHALA […]