Irie Magazine | Respect | Jael
2018, August 2018 - World Reggae, Respect

Respect | Jael

Jael United Kingdom Born and raised in London, JAEL is a Singer, Songwriter, and Wordsmith, who is often likened to Asa, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse. Not constrained to one genre – her main areas of focus are Neo-Soul, RnB, Jazz and Gospel (what she calls ‘Conscious Music’). Her love of music and […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | I-mitri
2018, August 2018 - World Reggae, Respect

Respect | I-mitri

I-mitri United Kingdom An original member of AMP Outernational (first releasing music around 1998 under the name Atiko Minus) and part of the Dubwise HiFi collective out of Greece, I-mitri is based in Leicester, UK. Linked with dub legends Vibronics with whom he often gigs and records, I-mitri is part of the vibrant sound system […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | The Hempolics
2018, January 2018 - Cali Reggae, Respect

Respect | The Hempolics

The Hempolics United Kingdom The Hempolics are out to put those organic rootsy vibes back into music; with their fat radio-friendly hooks, bumping soundsystem bass and a wanderlusty, ineffably real sound all of their own… Over years of recording top international talent The Hempolics enigmatic leader, Grippa Laybourne, has been carefully honing his own masterpiece […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | Jay Spaker
2018, January 2018 - Cali Reggae, Respect

Respect | Jay Spaker

Jay Spaker United States Brooklyn-based artist/producer Double Tiger (aka Jay Spaker) is no stranger to critical acclaim. Known for his contributions with trendsetting reggae powerhouse John Brown’s Body, as well as his role as half of Tour De Force, and co-founder of Dub Stuy Records, Spaker is also recognized for his past collaborations with legendary […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | Treson
2018, January 2018 - Cali Reggae, Respect

Respect | Tréson

Tréson Canada When Tréson picks up a guitar and starts playing, his voice and demeanor transforms into a spiritual energy that reaches out and touches everyone who is listening or watching. On any given song, this gifted singer-songwriter can reveal the soul of Otis Redding, the pure pop energy of Michael Jackson, the lovers rock […]

Irie Magazine | Respect | Hollie Cook
Respect, 2018, January 2018 - World Reggae

Respect | Hollie Cook

Hollie Cook Hollie Cook combines her unique vocal talent with charming charisma to craft her own dynamic strand of lovers rock with enduring tropical vibes, weaving a path from her West London roots to an arena of diverse collaborations, critically acclaimed records, and iconic live appearances around the world. Cook’s ability to continually surprise, delight, […]