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Freddy Locks


After 14 years being the most consistent roots-reggae artist in Portugal, Freddy Locks will go international in 2018, open for bookings and editions worldwide!

Freddy refused many offers for concerts outside Portugal due to his personal life, this situation changed and he will now spread his music with live concerts all over the world.

Freddy spent many hours of his childhood in the streets of his neighborhood, Alvalade, where he absorbed the influences of the local Punk bands, and developed an attitude full of criticism while observing the urban environment surrounding him. This same attitude was associated with a refined artistic sense that shaped the musical projects he was involved in: from the initial Punk experiences to the Reggae nature projects, in which he became an expert.

His musical biography makes clear to us that Freddy faces Music as he faces his life, always being nonconformist and positive and open to new approaches and perspectives.

Throughout these 14 years, Freddy Locks recorded 4 original albums, made many concerts and participated in many events, revealing a consistency that places him as the major name ever in reggae music in Portugal and a diamond to discover in the International music scene.

2018 is the year for the upcoming album ‘Overstand’ which will show the high professional level of the music of Freddy with his album being mastered by Dubmatix and the sound and feeling will surely move the heart of any reggae lover… be prepared for this timeless roots and spiritual life experience.

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