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EQuBE is Qutaiba Al Naimi; a music producer, a DJ and a remix artist based in Uppsala Sweden. Bridging the world’s talents one at a time from the furthest corners of the globe. Creating a force of sound by blending the musical skills he comes across with his own. Devoted to the bass culture, Rasta vibes and influenced by hip-hop, he introduces the future sound of dancehall and ragamuffin music.

Eqube is a versatile Bass Champion merging diverse styles and building an intriguing library of musical journeys. Using an organic approach and a basic understanding of sonic connections with fellow enthusiasts. Fusing tricky details and catering a delicate groove for those who dare to cross boundaries and step into an adventure of dance music. It all started with a harmonic odyssey in 1999 advancing and evolving with each tune, a form of expression reinventing its approach to rejuvenate a persona of an acoustic statement.

In 2008 reincarnating with a new approach in an unfamiliar terrain, stirred into a unique experience. A maturity that resonates in the technical grounds.

2013 the year of bass invasion with heavy sound artillery and composition forcing many artists to approach for collaborations, laying down a foundation of fruitful artistic labor and down the rabbit’s hole ever since in a spiral march toward a furious and sensational success.

The Year 2017 marked a milestone for EQuBE, with the single ‘Supa Dupa’ reaching number 1 for two weeks on Sweden’s own radio station P3 charts while still being unsigned!

2018 holds it down to more accomplishments and a craze ambition for club nights, live shows, band collaborations and studio projects. For Print, Online, Radio or Booking contact: [email protected]

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