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Lion Nativo


Lion Nativo is a singer originally from Quilpué (Pikunmapu / Chile). Lion Nativo is part of the independent label Tómate.

Raised in hip-hop and influenced by the Rastafari culture, he belongs to the block of singers and bands that have committed their work to strengthen the defense movement for the territory in response to the siege that is lived at the hands of capitalism in these days.

With more than 12 years of live performances, he has edited 5 works: Todo el Jahmor (2007); Levantamiento Espiritual (2009); Semijahzz (2012); Lion Nativo & Matycez – A Recuperar (2014); Lion Nativo & La Nación Awkapan (2017).

The year 2012 saw the formation of his band, ‘La Nación Awkapan’, a mix of Rap Jazz sound with touches of Reggae, Ragga and Drum & Bass, where journeys between rhythms, reflections and melodies are portrayed. In 2017, they publish their first promotional ‘Lion Nativo & La Nación Awkapan’ which contains two tracks: Semijahzz de Revuelta and Vivo Respirando.

Lion Nativo and La Nación Awkapan are currently in the studio preparing their next album while preparing for live performances.

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