RESPECT | Dada I, Perfect Giddimani, Rebelsteppa – Invisible Flow

IRIE | RESPECT - Dada I, Perfect Giddimani, Rebelsteppa - Invisible Flow

The premiere of Invisible Flow, a reggae collaboration song from Dada I (Ru/Esp) and Perfect Giddimani (JA), with music production by Rebelsteppa (Ru), is here. Dada I is a reggae/hip-hop artist from Russia based in Barcelona; Perfect Giddimani is a talented self-made reggae artist from Jamaica, and Rebelsteppa – is a multi-musician and reggae producer from Moscow.

Invisible Flow is that attitude and breath of life that gives us the strength to move and overcome everything feasible and unbearable on the way to becoming a person and his foundations. Each of us intersects in our life aspirations, battles, and falls, so here is the essence of the chorus “Where did you get this flow?”, It’s like one asks the other when meeting: “how did you grow buds?”, “Where did you get these Clarks?”, “Have you heard this album?” But that’s just about that lyrics line because the rest consists of a message to human awakening and awareness of the reality we reside in today.


Invisible Flow is a well-done musical work that charges for the activity and effectiveness of a new day. Two artists and a music producer constantly please with fresh work that everyone can appreciate in a solo song, the result of everyone who took part in this release.

Today it is essential to maintain unity and the ability to listen to others. Only in this way will we preserve the vital balance of our being.

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