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When you’ve created a major masterpiece, you want to share it with the world. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult for people like animators, visual effects and motion graphics artists, and interactive designers to gain visibility for the stellar work they have produced. Enter ReelTV, the premier website for creative talent looking to showcase their demo reels online and connect with prospective clients, agencies, and industry professionals worldwide. The ReelTV site—along with many of the reels and projects it features—is created using Adobe Creative Cloud software.

Nicholas Da Silva, Founder & Publisher

“I want to inspire other artists and pave their way,” says Nicholas Da Silva, founder of design and animation company ZOOLOOK and the mastermind behind ReelTV.

“Today, we have the technology to produce whatever we can dream up. My goal is to have feature-length, pay-per-view movies viewable online. Adobe software is pivotal to helping us make this happen.”

Making ReelTV real

To create the ReelTV site, Nicholas Da Silva, who works under his artist name, ZOOLOOK, used Adobe Illustrator® and Photoshop® software for the site graphics and layout, as well as Adobe Dreamweaver® to develop the site. To optimize the site graphics, the team used Adobe Fireworks. Adobe Flash® (Now Adobe Animate) brought the site to life with animations. And for the ReelTV bumper and music identity, the team used Adobe After Effects® and SoundboothTM software.

Soft relaunch of ReelTV

ReelTV is now accepting memberships with an official launch date of January 17, 2023. Artists who are registered members of IRIE will receive their artist ReelTV page to showcase their music videos on the ReelTV video platform. IRIE artist members will also have their music videos featured on the IRIE music video platform (ROKU & ReelTV).

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