RESPECT | Var Hillsman – Count Your Blessings

Var Hillsman - Count Your Blessings

Kevor ‘Var’ Williams is a singer, songwriter, and musician notably familiar as a touring member with the reggae collective Inna De Yard. This dynamic group of astounding reggae musicians showcases legendary stalwarts and contemporary voices. Var’s original music featured on the tour and film project titled “The Soul of Jamaica” delivers a distinctive raspy sound with conviction in his voice. His artistry is a testament to worldwide injustices and a voice for the people. His first anticipated solo release under Hillsman Records is titled “Jah Love.”

Var was born in the lush hills of Portland, Jamaica. The musician’s songwriting is influenced by his love for humanity and music. He strives to preserve the legacy of his creativity while charting the way for people to go forward in unity. His career began while studying at Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts in Kingston. A natural ability for songwriting paired with a honed skill set gained him favorable connections with like-minded peers to formulate Pentateuch Movement. The band featured exceptional young musicians, moving intermittently and interchangeably with respect to various opportunities for professional growth. ‘Pentateuch Movement’ embodied a distinct goal; to create a sustainable strength as a unit, uphold quality standards of craftsmanship while pursuing music as a profession, and thus create unique opportunities for each member of the movement to prosper in their skill set. Var held his position as lead singer and co-founder until 2018.


Kevor’s music is soulful, which is ingrained in his identity. Singles titled “Jah Love” and “Revolution,” among others, resonate with an Acoustic influenced modern sound. Var’s music encompasses gratitude for life in current times while faced with political challenges that create turmoil among the people worldwide. His songs overall present a lyrically melodic viewpoint of humble servitude and respect for humankind and carry the message of love.

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