IRIE Playlist – March 2024 featuring Marc Stamco – Cherrywood

IRIE | IRIE March 2024 Spotify Playlist featuring Marc Stamco - Cherrywood

IRIE Playlist on Spotify

IRIE’s March 2024 edition of RELEASES is here, featuring Marc Stamco with his release, Cherrywood, and Louie Melody, our featured cover artists and his album release of Gwari Music & Friends featuring Dahvid SLur (Got Me Singing), Danny Mont (Black Man Sees), Zoe Mazah (Hello), Juba (Water Drop), Tenor Youthman (Serenade), Awa Fall (Call My Name), George Palmer (Falling in Love), Jahcoustix (Comfort Zone), Rob Symeonn (Assipha), Hugo Otto (Youth Plan), and U-Rie (Drop The Bassline).

Artist also featured on the March 2024 IRIE Spotify playlist include Razteria (Shot to the heart), Yves ‘Duke’ Ducrey (Revelation Riddim & Overthere), Zoe Mazah & Randy Valentine (Tonight), Esther Sings (Follow You), Sid Bucknor & Max Edwards (Black Cinderella), Leigh Phillips & Sivers Tha Third (Lightning), Love TMFTL (Planet Plastic tic tic tic), Don Grant (Zion March), Kingly T (Change Direction), and ZOOLOOK (HAL-LE & Lost in Space).

Be sure to check back often as we update the playlists with artist tracks that have become available after the release date of our magazine.


IRIE Playlist – March 2024