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Esther Sings

Follow You

St. Lucian-born reggae singer Esther Sings released a new single, ‘Follow You.’ This song speaks to your purpose in this crazy world, encouraging you to elevate yourself and put God first.

“Life is reciprocal; people attract the energy that they give. Spread good vibes, think positively, and enjoy life like I enjoy making music,” Esther Sing says.

Esther Sings ‘Follow You’ recognizes positive reggae in mainstream music markets. Esther Sings teamed up with African Voice Productions, one of the upcoming top labels in the United States, and his project is set to highlight the rising talent from their ever-growing roster on the continent.

Esther Sings’s previous single, ‘Fight for your Life Fight for your Rights,’ charted #2 on the US iTunes Reggae Charts upon release.

“In this world called life, we go through so much. There are times when we don’t see the signs, and we fall short. Dear Lord, open our eyes and show us the way; lead us on the right path. Cover us with your love and blessings, Amen.” – Esther Sings