Leigh Phillips – Lightning (Feat. Sivers Tha Third)

IRIE | RESPECT - Leigh Phillips - Lightning (Feat. Sivers Tha Third)

Leigh Phillips

Lightning (Feat. Sivers Tha Third)

Photography: Shane Leacock (Leekee)

Music fuels Leigh’s soul. To know Leigh is to know her Tribe is her family. Coconut Oil is essential, and her heart tends to ignite like Lightning.

Her enchanting Island Pop sound is a fusion of Caribbean Rhythms, Neo-Soul, and Afro. Once you press play and transcend into Leigh’s world you will fall in love with her diverse discography. From OG singles like “Dislocated Love” to powerful ballads like “Sunrise” and lustful songs like “B.O.M.B,” there’s something to add to any playlist.

This is a new era for Leigh Phillips, so join the #Loveleigh journey.


About Leigh Phillips

Born in Grenada and raised in Barbados, Leigh’s music has taken her across the world, where she has performed on stages in Newfoundland, Toronto, São Paulo, Venezuela, and Trinidad, to name a few. She has also been published in media outlets such as Earpool, Irie Mag, and others.