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BLACK ROOTS first came together in March 1979, though they cannot recall the exact day when it all started, but 40 years later they are still making new music, performing it live, spreading love and inity, chanting a conscious message, sharing their knowledge and overstanding and keeping foundation roots reggae relevant and current. The seed that they planted 40 years ago has spread like a tree laying its roots firmly into the ground growing, spreading out its branches from which new seeds have dropped and taken root. Their career has left a legacy that all who want to share their vision can tap into.

Between 1983 and 1993, they toured throughout the UK and Europe and released 11 albums including classics like Black Roots (1983), The Front Line (1984), In Session (1985), All Day All Night (1986), Natural Reacon (1990) and With Friends (1993).

With Friends

IRIE™ | Black Roots - With Friends

Release Date: April 26, 2019
Label: Nubian Records
Copyright: 2019 Nubian Records
Total Length: 51:06
Total Tracks: 14
Format: Album
Genre: Reggae

Although things went quiet shortly after they released With Friends they surface once again when French label Makasound travels to their home town Bristol, licenses and releases compilations of their early recordings on 2 albums, On The Frontline (2004) and In Session (2007). The success of these two records brings them back out of retirement. A core group of band members come together to start working again. There are 2 further reissues a compilation of their singles titled The Reggae Singles Anthology (2011) and Black Roots (2012), the debut album, is reissued on vinyl only by Bristol Archive Records.

But importantly they go back to the studio, after a 25-year break, and start to record new music. The first original album On the Ground (2012) was released on Sugar Shack Records, Ghetto Feel (2014) and Son of Man (2016) followed on Soulbeats Records and most recently Take It (2018) on Khanti Records. They are also touring once again playing all over Europe and the UK. And there is much more to come so stay in touch.

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