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Q No Genre

United Kingdom

Growing up in The UK Q No Genre’s family home was always buzzing with different types of music. His family heritage is Jamaican so reggae was always the first choice and usually the last.

Q grew up listening to artists such as Jimmy Cliff, Gregory Isaac, Dennis Brown and John Holt. “I remember those legends filling the atmosphere with good vibes, when Mum was cooking in the kitchen”.

Q’s Godfather is Shaun Escoffery and in his teenaged years he spent time with him in the studio. It was around that time that he started listening to other artists such as Black Coffee, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Craig David & Jamiroquai to name a few. Q stated in his last interview “Looking back, it was probably during those years when I realized my musical taste encompassed more than one genre.

As a result of Q’s musical experiences, a natural progression to writing songs of many genres was developed. Rather than choosing a particular genre to focus on, Q believed that his talent should not be restricted in this way and ‘No Genre’ was born in 2013.

In 2017, Q performed at Europe’s largest reggae festival in Spain, Rototom Reggae SunSplash. This gave Q the confirmation that music was the ONLY thing for him. Q is currently working on his debut EP entitled ‘No Genre vol 1’ the feature single ‘Only’ debuted on 07/08/18 (UK) available on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music and all other major platforms.