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November 13, 2020, saw the release of ‘Revolution’, the new single from singer, songwriter, and musician Var Hillsman, across all digital platforms. The song features Var singing a beautiful acoustic sounding ballad about the changing of times and the current situation of the world. “Some will have to rise and some will have to fall in this Revolution” Var sings, finding inspiration from the current times when people are not sure what will be the new normal way of life in this society. Var says he is happy that ‘Revolution’ is finally being released and it is a reminder to the people to be strong and confident in the victory of good over evil as we move forward. “People know me from my work with Pentateuch or Inna De Yard, but this is now me as a solo artist, with my own production and label Hillsman Records involved,” says Var.

Var Hillsman

IRIE™ | Var Hillsman - Revolution

Release Date: November 13, 2020
Copyright: 2020 Hillsman Records
Total Length: 3:09
Total Tracks: 1
Format: Single
Genre: Reggae

Kevor ‘Var Hillsman’ Williams strives to preserve the legacy in his creativity while charting the way for people to go forward. Var’s music is honest and pure, promoting his livity which is ingrained in his identity. His original music is featured in the film project titled ‘Inna De Yard: The Soul of Jamaica’, and delivers a distinctive raspy sound of conviction in his voice. His artistry is a testament to injustices faced by people worldwide. Singles coming forth titled ‘Revolution’, and ‘Jah Love’ among others resonate with an Acoustic influenced modern sound. Var’s music encompasses gratitude for life in current times while faced with political and global challenges that create turmoil among the people of the world. His songs overall present a lyrically melodic viewpoint of humble servitude, respect for humankind, and carry the message of love for each and every individual. When he is not pursuing his solo endeavors, Var is busy working in his garden and running his business Hillsman Organics. Also, as a songwriter, he has co-written songs for Raging Fyah, Kabaka Pyramid, Richie Spice, and Duane Stephenson. Var and Hillsman Records have much more in store.

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