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Meet PALI, the Argentine singer and trombonist. PALI has performed and participated in various Reggae, Ska, and Rock bands, collaborating on several albums as backing-vocal and instrumentalist in her country of origin. She’s also accompanied bands such as Sinsemilla, Verde Reggae, Borregos Border, Resistencia Suburbana, and Suburband.

PALI considers herself a profound lover of black music. In 2013, she traveled to Salvador Bahia to deepen and expand her knowledge both in Afro-descendant music and Brazilian culture, which she had been familiar with for over 20 years. She became part of the Obinrin women’s band led by conductor Letieres Leite who accompanied the visit of the African singer Sayon Bamba on tour through Salvador, Bahia. In 2014, she created her musical project: PALI Original Jamaican Covers, a tribute to Jamaican music and its rhythmic aspects.

Since then, Pali has performed intensely in the music scene, having participated in events in the Bahian calendar such as Salvador Carnival, Festival Mais Reggae (Salvador and Camaçari), Boa Praça, Biergarten, City Fair, Boca de Brassa Festival, Instrumental Festival, Super Luau (Aracajú), Reggae Music Festival (São Francisco do Conde), Flow Festival, Bandstand Hype, Jazz Festival of Paulo Afonso, Beer Festival (Lauro de Freitas), Waterfall Reggae Festival, New Year’s Eve at Cabanas Corais de Itacaré among others.

PALI – Can I See You Tonight

IRIE™ | PALI - Can I See You Tonight?

Release Date: 2018
Copyright: 2018 PALI
Total Length: 41:00
Total Tracks: 10
Format: Album
Genre: Reggae

In 2016, PALI released her first single, ‘Can I see you tonight?’, recorded at Ilê Ayiê, and “FÈ” in partnership with Reggae legend Pato Banton.

In 2017, PALI held her first solo tour in her native Buenos Aires, performing in Claypole, Berisso, Lomas de Zamora, and Cap. Federal.

In March 2018, PALI recorded her first album ‘Original Jamaican Covers’, a tribute to reggae music and its aspects. This album represents a strong admiration for the excellent references in Jamaican music history and the constant work due to PALI’s passion for this style.

Hits like ‘No, no, no’ (Dawn Penn), ‘I’m Still in love’ (Alton Ellis), ‘Drifter’ (Dennis Brown), and ‘Slavery Days’ (Burning Spears) are part of the fine selection of songs from this first album tribute.

PALI participated in recording the most recent Riddim of the Public Ministréreo (Soundsystem), #nemriddim. Its version, made in Spanish, talks about the feminist struggle, was entitled ‘Sem Vacilar’ and is available on Soundcloud.

In 2019, at the invitation of Music Box Brasil and the program Lá em casa sessions, PALI recorded ‘Aqui en mi pueblo’ and ‘Latido Fuerte’, two songs that completed their Ep in 3 languages English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

In 2020, PALI recorded the fifth single from her EP, ‘AUTORAL’ titled ‘Segue a Dança’, which will release soon.

Segue a Dança



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