RESPECT | Shayne Amani – Chant On

RESPECT | Shayne Amani - Chant On 1

O’Shayne Foote, known as the singer-songwriter “Shayne Amani,” is originally from Westmoreland, Jamaica, and currently resides in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Shayne began showing interest in music at the age of 6-8, listening to his uncle playing reggae and other types of music in their garage. One morning found himself holding the mic; he started singing, and from there on, O’Shayne Foote, aka “Shayne Amani,” fell in love with music. Being raised in a Christian household, Shayne Amani started singing publicly in church choirs. He performed in his first live music concert at the age of 9 and wrote his first song at the age of 11.

Shayne attended GC Foster College in Wynter Pen Rd, Spanish Town, Jamaica. In his second year of college, he continued finding opportunities to perform in front of live audiences, learned to play guitar, and started writing more of his lyrics. The more Shayne sang, the more he perfected his craft and developed his unique style and sound. He began to receive encouragement and praise from those who heard his voice and his lyrics, which made him realize how effective his voice and his singing style were at invoking an emotional response from those who listened. Seeing how the audience reacted to his serene voice Shayne was amazed to see that people of all ages enjoyed his music, and as time went on, he began to take his music career seriously. Eventually immigrating to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, in 2012, over the past few years, Shayne Amani has quickly been making a name for himself at public and private events singing acoustically either as a soloist or as lead singer with local reggae music bands.

Shayne Amani has performed live at various local live music events, and his music has been regularly promoted and played on several Toronto area radio stations. His social following on YouTube, Spotify, and other music platforms also continues to grow in numbers.

In 2018, Shayne Amani’s track, Weak Fence, became somewhat of a dancehall party anthem, with many Jamaican music DJ selectors playing this song repeatedly. Over the past few years, well-known G987 FM and Vibe 105.5 radio and local Jamaican and International DJ /selectors have helped that song and the name Shayne Amani into one that is now well known within the Jamaican dancehall and roots reggae music community. His follow-up singles, Demise, Heartless, Smiley Face, and Jah Love, are steadily gaining buzz worldwide.

Shayne Amani is undoubtedly one to watch for as one of the most highly favored musical artists in the Canadian and International reggae music scene. His loyal fan base patiently waits for him to release more music and eventually see him perform live on tour soon.