RESPECT | Don Hartley – African Union

RESPECT | Don Hartley - African Union 1

Don Hartley returns with the re-release of ‘African Union’, a track he originally released in December 2017. Mixed & arranged by Nick Sasquash @ Operation Sound Studios Music by Small Axe Music Productions. “This one inna classic reggae style, real instruments singers & players. More in a traditional Wailers, Burning Spear, Misty in Roots, Steel Pulse reggae sound rather than Tubby or Perry.” Nick Sasquash (Operation Sound System)

Don Hartley

“I am a promotor of African development in all forms; that’s why I wrote this song. However, I don’t like to involve myself in politics too much except encouraging our leaders to do the right thing by God and man. That’s what I mean by strengthening the African Union, which inherited its mantra from the Organization of African Union set up in 1963 by the enlightened African fathers. They had in mind a strong unity for economic and social progress. So let’s strengthen the Union in this wise for the present and future.”
Don Hartley

Over the past three decades, Don Hartley has been recording and performing his brand of conscious Jamaican music to the delight of roots reggae fans worldwide. He started his career as a solo artist in the nineties and a decade later merged forces with Manchester UK’s dub powerhouse, Nucleus Roots. He subsequently achieved notoriety as a serious contender in the UK and European dub arena but now rides solo again, occasionally collaborating with different producers and artists while working on his own projects.

As Jamaican musical styles have phased in and out of popularity, Don has remained true to his unique brand of conscious reggae that pleases and uplifts fans everywhere. Look for Don Hartley Reggae on all digital platforms, including Bandcamp.


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