RESPECT | Sam Huber ft. Garrison Hawk – Justice For All

Sam Huber And Garrison Hawk - Justice For All

In an era where rights and freedoms seem to be evaporating regularly, Sam Huber and Garrison Hawk team up to present “Justice For All,” a protest song wrapped in the guise of a deep space dub excursion. A clarion call for unity that asks the question, “Where is the peace and love?” while hypnotic beats echo all around. “I was working on some new music when suddenly I got a craving for really deep dub,” Huber notes. “I had a very specific sound in my head, so I started working it out. I was already thinking about Hawk when I brought it to Tomás (producer, Tomás Doncker), and he picked up on that. So those two wrote the lyrics and built the song off that nugget I worked up.”

“Justice For All” marks the third time the dancehall icon (best known for his work with Tricky and TOOL – separately) and the Finnish funkster have worked together, and the relationship has continued to blossom. “I’ve come to realize he not only has a real passion about reggae and dub, he knows the music well,” Hawk comments on Huber. “He understands it and respects it. I came in with the idea that I wanted to hear Sam do this, thinking it could bring him to another place in this music. He had this idea kicking around his head and knew where he wanted it to go. So I went from his starting point, wrote some lyrics, Tomás wrote some more, we all collaborated, and we built it and made it all fit.”

For the video, Huber and Hawk walk the Earth like giants, towering over landscapes and cityscapes like agile Godzillas, careful NOT to trample anyone. “Tomás brought the basic idea for the video,” says Huber. “It’s sort of a tip of the hat to The Rolling Stones’ ‘Love Is Strong,’ but with a much deeper message. The theme was originally racial justice, but then the war in Ukraine led it to be about justice in general too.”


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