REGGAE | Stonefrenge – Reggae in Space

STONEFRENGE featuring Dubmatix, Michelle, Razteria, ZOOLOOK, Zoe Mazah & Arky Starch

Our September REGGAE feature shines a spotlight on a select group of artists who have become citizens of STONEFRENGE, the holy grail of Earth-like planets, also known as Earth’s twin. STONEFRENGE is a universe created by multidisciplinary artist Nicholas Da Silva, aka ZOOLOOK, who is also the founder and Editor-in-Chief of IRIE.


STONEFRENGE is a place where artists come together to support each other in a collaborative environment. Some of the perks of joining STONEFRENGE include having your own personalized avatar in your likeness; NFT participation where artists can monetize their music and their custom avatar; animated music reels for TikTok, Instagram and Facebook REELS; and exclusively designed merch by ZOOLOOK created for artists to sell on their sites to their fanbase.

Each month, STONEFRENGE will feature new music from these artists under our REGGAEVERSE section. This month’s featured artists include Arky Starch, Dubmatix, Razteria, Zoe Mazah, and ZOOLOOK.


RELEASE DATE: August 17, 2022


Touch is a pop/afro-beat crossover single by SF Bay area artist Razteria and Bako, an artist from Tanzania. A love song that speaks to the feelings you have when your loved one is far away. The SF Bay area and Dar As Salaam come together through this 100% virtual collaboration as you can hear and visualize in the music video. The song features Dave Shul on bass and guitar and was mastered by TrakWorx. The music video was shot by Alex Zajieck and edited by Jeremy Snowden.

Credits: Music & Lyrics by Razteria and Bako,; Guitar/Bass by Dave Shul; Mix by Razteria; Mastered by TrakWorx; Videographer Alex Zajieck; Editor Jeremy Snowden.

Arky Starch - Ancestor- Calling

Ancestor Calling

RELEASE DATE: September 9, 2022


“Ancestor Calling” refers to the fact that we are all human, bleed the same blood, and die when our heart stops pumping that blood. That is why I used an image of a skull of a Homo Erectus in the artwork.

There are chord changes and rhythmical variations on the bass and instrumentation found in this stepper dub. In the second part, a bubble and bongo lead up to a break, followed by a brief violin solo to end the track with an electro sound that mimics a phone call. I love to combine sounds from Renegade Audio with my bass and other instruments that I find suiting for the atmosphere of the track, always following my creative heart and soul.

I want to clearly state that we are all the same no matter what we stand for or believe in. We all have that same ancestor; if you go back far enough in time, that is, and remember being a good human being is what is most important, not the knowledge you hold or spread. Time is a healer!

This philosophy helps to lift my spirit and reliefs a heavy heart. I hope it does the same for the listener so the joy of my creation can transcend through my bass and music.

Ancestor Calling is the next single from my upcoming album. Peace, joy, and unity are what we need to succeed.

Zoe Mazah - Black Girl Magic

Black Girl Magic

RELEASE DATE: September 30, 2022


Black Girl Magic is a homage to the seductive power of youth and a bow to the beauty of black women. With its energetic brass and heavy drums, the rootsy and grooving sound of the instrumental delivers the perfect bed for Zoe Mazah‘s sultry voice and elegant melodies. Reggae with class, style, and roots.

Worldwide - Sep 30, 2022

Black in Space

RELEASE DATE: September 30, 2022


Black in Space is the 5th track from multidisciplinary artist, ZOOLOOK, upcoming debut album, STONEFRENGE: Black in Space.

Worldwide - Sep 30, 2022
Dubmatix - ReWired


RELEASE DATE: January 2023


Featuring: Sr Wilson, Ras Kayleb, Duane Stephenson, Lone Ranger, Joe Publik, JMan, Lasai, The Hempolics, RootWords, Exile Di Brave & Kazam Davis plus Barry Ashworth from the Dub Pistols.

19 years after the debut release “Champion Sound Clash” comes the fresh new album “ReWired” available Jan 2022 and will be available via streaming, download, CD, and limited edition 12″ vinyl. (Vinyl Pre-Orders will be available November 2022)

As with Dubmatix’s previous releases, the music spans all manner of dub & reggae related genres and sub-genres including Ska, Roots, Steppers, Hip Hop Reggae, Funk, and beyond – all with a connective focus on the groove and bassline.

Artwork Concept and Design by Nicholas Da Silva aka ZOOLOOK; Coloring by Will Rios.

Worldwide - January 2023

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