RESPECT | Hezron – Man On A Mission

Hezron - Man On A Mission

Acclaimed Reggae artiste Hezron is hoping that fans will gain a deeper understanding of who he is with his newest body of work titled M.O.A.M. (Man On A Mission), released on Friday, August 19, 2022.

The 17-track set is mainly self-produced, with credits given to Tads Records on a single titled “The Rising Sun.” That number addressed the troubling issue of abuse among Jamaican children. Additional credits are given to Devon Bradshaw, Leroy Roman, Rohan Dwyer, and Triple L for their contributions.

“I’m hoping that with this project, they will musically realize who Hezron is—who Hezron really is. Even though they are fans of the music, there are still fans who don’t understand the depth. They probably look at it from a surface. So, with this project, I hope they take away the level and the width of Hezron. It’s deeper than the surface. And I hope they realize that I want to evolve and take this thing to another level,” he said.

Recorded in Reggae’s birthplace, Kingston Jamaica, M.O.A.M. features some of Jamaica’s greatest musicians including; Dean Fraser (saxophone), Kirk “Kirkle Dove” Bennett (drums), Donald “Danny Bassie” Dennis (bass), Mitchum Khan (guitar), Carol “Bowie” McLaughlin (keyboards) and Robbie Lyn (keyboards). On a lyrical front, the album embodies feel-good vibes with motivational and inspirational concepts that encourage patience and resilience.

Noting that this is his third album, Hezron said this one is outstanding because more attention was paid to its production, as well as greater experimentation with international genres.

“The production, I stepped it up on a wider scale and also the different cultures that I tapped into; as I said, I did an African song fused with reggae and “Black Widow” which is a Latin-fused Cuban…”Warriors Code” which is a Native American and Tick Tok which is an R&B so this is what makes it different,” Hezron added.


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